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What is the cloud and how can it help your business? Now that cloud services have become affordable for Small and Mid-Size businesses it seems like everyone is making the move to use them. Let us help show you all the options the Cloud can provide and give you our expert advice on what will be the best fit for your company. Our experts can help you decide if you should move everything to the cloud, mix and match, or wait until it makes better sense for your business. It is also very important that you move your information to the cloud in a way that allows for high levels of security and reliability.

Office 365 is your familiar Microsoft Office … in the cloud.  It’s the Office you know and love, now on all the desktop and mobile devices you use most, whenever you need it … and virtually wherever you are.

A truly best-in-class, integrated, cloud-based productivity tool, Office 365 provides not only the familiar core Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – but also Skype, SharePoint, Exchange/Email, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Teams, Planner, and more.


Our Managed Office 365 Cloud Bundle includes licensing and a straightforward pricing model to help your team get to the cloud quickly and cost effectively.

Blue Cap IT’s Office 365 Cloud Solution Includes:

Licensing Management – We can provide all required Office 365 licensing for your organization on one consolidated invoice.

Seamless Migration – Strategically planned and executed, migration of all users’ data and Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 is available if needed.

Service Desk – In addition to providing a predictable monthly cost model, our Cloud Managed Services team handles end-user Office 365 support of issues such as password resets, basic device troubleshooting, answering “how-to” questions, and proactive device monitoring and management.

Cloud Transformation with Office 365 Empower your users with collaboration and accessibility from any device, anytime, and anywhere with Office 365. Security and Governance – Solved – your team can work with confidence knowing their files are secure with built-in safety measures that include data encryption, physical security of Microsoft’s facilities, regular backups, and privacy settings management.  Always have the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, and more are always available for desktops and online.  Bring Your Team Closer Together – collaboration comes naturally with the Office 365 environment with built-in commenting, file sharing, versioning, and accessibility from any device – anywhere.  Microsoft is the recognized leader in cloud-based productivity solutions for business with Office 365 – defining the future of collaboration, empowering people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Blue Cap IT can help you achieve the many immense benefits that cloud-based MS Office 365 delivers:

Considerable reductions in IT costs

Automatic updates in the cloud – no more buying/installing updated software

Cut hardware and energy expenditures – you don’t need servers with the cloud

Instant global network capability

Scale your business quickly as needed

Work together better and more easily

Get work done from anywhere


Supporting your Office 365 environment

Cloud computing can deliver big benefits that create business agility and a more competitive profile. The key: being able to support and manage your Cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 environment, especially with a large user base. Blue Cap IT can help.

Blue Cap IT is highly adept at managing, monitoring and administering the Office 365 environment, ensuring that your users benefit from the software’s full feature set.  Blue Cap IT provides a single point of entry for IT support and problem-solving 24 hours a day, and our proactive approach aims to catch incidents before your business encounters productivity loss. Work with us and you can expect predictable costs, less downtime, guaranteed response time and a greatly reduced IT burden. 

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